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Our solutions

Co-creating solutions with you is what BLU does best.

Adcorp BLU Independent contracting

Independent contracting

You can perform services on contract while still being able to work independently.

Adcorp BLU Temporary employment

Temporary employment

Temporary staff are able to work for businesses and other clients on a contingency basis.

Adcorp BLU Payroll management solutions

Payroll management solutions

What’s better than an automated payroll system? Assignees clock in. Salaries are paid accurately and on time and this system is integrated into payroll.

Adcorp BLU Managed service provision (MSP)

Managed service provision (MSP)

We can manage your contingent workforces/suppliers via one point of control, handling this from end to end and even on-site.

Adcorp BLU Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO)

We handle your end-to-end and on-site permanent recruitment. We’ll take the hassle out for you.

Adcorp BLU Functional outsourcing

Functional outsourcing

Need specialist-driven, output-based solutions? We take care of your core and non-core industrial services which are provided to industrial, retail, or other niches.

Adcorp BLU Training


Upskilling is a powerful tool. Our industry experts offer the latest training resulting in accredited certifications in agriculture, engineering, apprenticeships, business or soft skills via permanent mobile training centres.

Adcorp BLU Consulting


Need professional advice? Our industry specialists and subject-matter experts have it all for you.

Every day we take a step closer to building workforces that exceed expectations and fit your business in ways that matter.

When you’re geared towards the future, some things just make more sense together

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